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Happy Birthday to Me
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Card Interior, originally uploaded by Trachalio.

Interior of the birthday card that Ruby, one of the kids across the street from us, made for me yesterday.

Club Nintendo Platinum
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Sorry kids, Terry asked me to remove it.

Tap Tap.. is this thing on?
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Oh hai livejournal!

So, it honestly doesn't feel like it's been over a year since my last post! Man have things changed!

Terry and I took the big leap back in April and I moved into his place. This is the first time I've ever lived with someone I've been dating and I was a bit nervous at first to be honest. But man, has it ever been wonderful! I've don't know that I've ever been happier.

Of course, some things haven't changed: I'm still playing DnD, still love my video games, still love my board games, and my retro console collection is still growing.

Thanks to some well placed LJ guild by badrobot68 I gonna do my best to get bloggin', so there'll be nerdy posts galore again :)

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I love your big ass..
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D 'n' D

Taken from module B2: The Keep on the Borderlands by Gary Gygax

I could have sworn I'd made a post about Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition recently, and was shocked to see that my last post was way back in May! My synapses got crossed and it was a flickr photoset I was thinking of.

So, 4th Edition DnD. There was a lot of talk about 4e on the boards over at Gamers with Jobs right before it came out. That Wizards was revamping the game to be more accessible to new folk, making the game more fluid and less esoteric than 3.5. People on the boards were very optimistic about what 4e could offer. Because of all the chatter, I bought the 4e Players Handbook shortly after release.

While I've owned many DnD books and modules over the years (2nd Edition only though), I've never had a good chance to play until now. Monday nights I'm playing a campaign with Gaald, Certis, and Brennil (from Gamers with Jobs) Not surprisingly, I'm completely loving it! Brennil is a fantastic DM and storyteller and Gaald and Certis are a blast to play with. If your curious, Brennel's blogging our adventures as they happen.

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Two days ago I joined a cult.

The Running Room.

I've had an on again off again fling with running. I'll try it for a week, get bored (and sore) and quit. A few months later I'll try again. Then get bored (and sore) and quit. All because I don't know how to run.

Sure, we all know the motions involved in running but unless you were on the track team in High School you probably don't know how to run properly. Not just the physical aspects but the mental ones.

You see, I'd go out for a run. I'd start out sprinting, get a few blocks away from home and promptly run out of steam. I'd walk for a few minutes, start sprinting again and have to stop even fewer blocks later. I had no clue how to pace myself.

So, I signed up for my local Running Room's Learn to Run Clinic. For the next 10 Wednesdays I'll be learning how to run properly. That's not all; The clinic isn't just about running, it's also to teach how to avoid injury, proper nutrition, and how to set reasonable (and achievable!) goals for yourself.

Terry's a big reason why I'm doing this. He loves running. At the beginning of our relationship he joked that he was going to sign me up for this clinic, because I'd been skipping out on the gym. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to sign up on my own.

Terry and I went down to Fargo last weekend for the Fargo Marathon. Hanging out with him and his running crew was infectious. All of them are super passionate about their sport. Not just because they love running but because they love the social aspect of it. These people get together at least once or twice a week and run. Keeping their pace right, encouraging each other to press on, to push themselves further than they thought they could go. I'd never realized how much more there was to running past putting one foot in front of the other.

So, that weekend, I decided to give the clinic a try. I'm a social animal and if anything will keep me coming back, it'll be the people I'm doing it with. I can function just fine on my own, but left to my own devices I'd end up sitting at home, playing video games. When what I should be hitting the gym so I can stop whining about my belly.

I just wonder if I can run and play R-Type Command at the same time.

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Dear El Jay
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I think I has a boyfriend...
Originally uploaded by Trachalio.

Now I've got even more excuses for not blogging! Not only am I working through my pile of shame 1, I've been spending most of my waking, non-gaming hours with this man. More to follow later.

1 Pile of Shame: Games that have been bought, but never finished due to other games being bought and never finished.

Last Updated 9 Weeks ago
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These NES games are in a box under my desk at work. Surprisingly they're not actually mine.

I thought I'd done good at reducing my gaming clutter. I've been selling games back to EB on an almost every other month. Ditching games I know I'll never finish to get a modicum of credit to buy games I hopefully will finish. I thought for sure that the "collection" was down to 50 games, 70 tops! Still a lot, but not as bad as it used to be.

I decided to take inventory: 206, give or take a lender.

Two hundred and six games, spanning sixteen systems. Here's how it breaks down:

Playstation30Nintendo 643
Playstation 231Xbox 36014
Gameboy Colour3Gameboy Advance17
Nintendo DS16Playstation Portable17

Can you say "Big fucking nerd"?

There will be a culling tonight.

Now to work on NOT bragging about it.

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Wakey Wakey
Gameboy Advance SP, Tongue, NES

Is it a problem if the first things I see in the morning include a DS, a PSP, and a Master Chief Kubrick figurine?

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Rock Band
Power Glove

WARNING: Harmonix Music Systems, Inc.™ makes no guarantee that you will in fact look like a rock star while playing Rock Band in Solo Vocal Tour mode.

You will, however, feel like a rock star no matter which instrument you choose.

You have been warned.

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