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Welcome to the 21st Century

Pixeljunk Shooter

Lately I've been going through my library and seeing how my games look in HD. Previous to my TV purchase I'd been gaming on an old, albeit damn nice, SD TV that trevd left with me. And while Al let me use his TV when I lived with him, it was a earlier model HDTV that had a bit of haloing and a low view angle.

I know I'm totally late to the party on this too, but I can't get over how amazing some of these games looks in HD. I jumped from a 38"(?) Panasonic Gaoo to a 56" Panasonic Viera, so I guess it's kinda expected to be blown away, but still. Games like Pixeljunk Shooter, that I thought looked awesome on my old TV, look so much better now.

I kinda wanna keep going back in time, hooking up older systems to see how the games look. Will PSone textures look extra-terrible or kinda cool? Will SNES games look better if you can see every pixel or are they better off on an older, blurrier TV?

Will Microsurgeon look even more disturbing?

Heck, I'm even tempted to get an upscaler to convert composite and svideo signals to HDMI for the highest quality low fidelity graphics I can get ;)

p.s. I know this is a total fluff post, but I really am trying to get back to posting regularly. So, fluff pieces it is until I can think of more substantial subjects!

Currently Playing: Pixeljunk Shooter 2 (PlayStation 3), InFamous (PlayStation 3), Deadly Premonition (Xbox 360), Retro Game Challenge (DS)
Currently Reading: "Gamma World Roleplaying Game" by Richard Baker and Bruce R. Cordell (in preparation for tonight game)

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