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Big Hat, Gun, Cowboy

Sedona, AZ

Terry and I spent the better part of April (17 days!) in Arizona for our winter vacation this year, visiting my parents, visiting friends, and celebrating my Dad's 65th birthday.

We landed in Phoenix the morning of April 1 and were on the road to Tucson by 2 in the afternoon. We spent an awesome 5 days at the "Z&T Resort", hanging out with Todd, Zach, Shawn and Justin. Drinking beer by the pool, eating good food, and playing games like Reverse Charades and Gestures.

Taking the long way back to Mesa, we popped over to the Kartchner Caverns for a tour of the Rotunda/Throne room, followed by a visit to Tombstone.

The following Friday my sister and her friends arrived. And, like the good WInnipeggers they are, we were at Ikea within 2 hours of their plane landing. Saturday morning they dragged us up to Anthem to the outlet mall and that evening we were celebrating my Dad's 65th birthday.

The following Tuesday saw us back down in Tucson. Todd and Zach didn't feel they had a long enough visit with us the first time so we had to come down again before we left. Zach took us to the Desert Museum Wednesday morning and we met Todd for lunch and prickly pear-a-rita's at El Charro.

We headed back to Mesa on Thursday morning, having breakfast with the illustrious Homer before stopping at Biosphere 2 for a tour. Got back to Mesa later that afternoon, hung out with my parents and their friends for a few hours, and headed down south to Maricopa that evening for dinner and drinks with Shawn and Justin.

Friday we met the infamous cecilgene for burgers at Delux, having a far-to-short lunch before he headed out to work. That evening we went down to Tempe for Thai food with Jeff and Rick.

Saturday Mom, Terry, and I drove up to Sedona for lunch and spent the day just wandering around the town taking pictures. I definitely want to spend a whole weekend there with Terry next time we're down. Sedona is so incredibly beautiful and calming.

Sunday, our last day there, was spent hanging out with my parents again. Now it may seem like we didn't get much of a visit in with them, with all our travelling to visit friends, but we did see them quite a bit. Honest!

It was a fantastic trip, filled with family and friends. Terry and I can't wait until we're down there again. I've put a bunch of pictures in my Flickr photostream if you want to see.

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Glad you had fun there! :D

Despite it's bad rep I've always loved visiting Arizona. Could totally see myself wintering there in my retirement years :D

Spending the first 23 years of my life there was enough for me! :p

Looks like it was a fun trip. Yay!

Yeah so um... next time yer here... let me know. Brad (judebennett) and I live in Phoenix now! :)

I know I know, and I was thinking of you guys when we were down there! But we just had so damn much visiting to get in that I just couldn't figure out a way to see you guys without it impacting my time with my family :(

We'll be back soon though, possibly in November for my Mom's 60th. So we'll have to get together then :D

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