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Big Hat, Gun, Cowboy
Pixeljunk Shooter
Pixeljunk Shooter by Q-Games

OMG Livejournal,

I won a Playstation 3 this weekend! A fuckin' PS3!

Terry and I were at a wedding social this weekend for my hairdresser/sister's best friend Cynthia. Typical of a rural social, the silent auction table had a gaming system and a plasma TV in with the usual prize packages. I put 4 tickets in the PS3 bag, thinking there was no way I could possibly win. The bag already had a lot of tickets so the odds were against me in a big way.

Well look at me now, the proud owner of a PS3 slim!

I still had some funds left over in my Canadian and US PSN accounts, so I picked up Pain (a fun party game IMO), Pixeljunk Monsters, and Pixeljunk Shooter. The PS3 prize pack also came with an extra controller and a copy of Gran Tourismo 5 Prologue, and I picked up Metal Gear Solid 4 when it came out too (listen, I'm a sucker for limited editions and I love the series. Don't give me that look! I knew I'd be getting a PS3 some day, just not this soon!

While there's a lot more on the PS3 I want to check out (ferricide's entries on Final Fantasy XIII have really piqued my curiosity), I'm on a self imposed hiatus from buying games this year. I'm not allowing myself to buy anything game related until I'm debt free. That's not to say I wont be borrowing and renting, but I've got more than enough games that need finishing before I start buying new ones.

So, if you've got a Playstation 3, feel free to friend me up!

Currently Reading: "Winter's Tale" by Mark Helprin
Currently Playing: Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3), Pixeljunk Monsters (PS3), Pixeljunk Shooter (PS3), Darwinia+ (Xbox 360)

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Ha! :)

I had Animal Crossing for my gamecube, but it just never clicked with me :(

That's awesome, man! Congrats! :o)

We all know I'm not a gamer, but everything-Pixeljunk is just so *cool*! I could watch/listen-to those games being played for hours... :o)

The PS3 is so much more than *just* a gaming platform (we watched all of "Kathy Griffin's Life On The D-List" on YouTube via the browser, so we could watch it on the big-screen TV, for example) that it boggles the mind... :o)

I've always though that the PS3 felt much better suited to being a media platform than the 360. While they both can stream video and audio the PS3 feels a lot more elegant with it's interface.

That's AMAZING!!! Great win! I'm entering every contest I can find to hopefully get an iPad. hehe If I ever turn on the PS3 again I'll add ya!! I should be Cath52 on there.... I think.

Thanks man, I'll try adding you on there too :D

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